How to Increase the Use of Digital Channels?

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An international bank stablished in Brazil around 15 years, is redesigning its digital channels. To ensure they are following the right steps, they asked us to help them understand its customers habits and needs.

Mapping the customer journey gathering relevant details through, user research, interviews, wireframes, prototypes, usability tests and with the data collected we prepared workshops for the team that requested the project.

The Problem

When a customer has a problem or just want to check some detail about its credit card, the great majority call for the customer service.
Most of us would prefer to solve some problems using an app or website. Considering the bank already had this option available, in this case the reality is totally different.
That's the reason we started the project, help the bank reduce the phone calls received and increase the use of digital channels by those customers.


Current Scenario

The bank offers credit cards in partnership with others companies. The partner allow the use of its brand by the bank wich is responsible of the financial administration, new products and customer service, acting as a white label brand. 

There's two different types of partners:
Physical stores like supermarkets, construction materials stores or E-commerces that sells different types of products and services.


My role

The acquisition of the credit card starts different in each case, with that in mind we separated the journey to understand better the two process and what they have in common.

I was one of the two responsible to investigate how this process happens on the online stores, what the customers think and start to create the journey.

We also have more information that the other team members shared with us, they visited the bank office and went to the call center, listen to user's needs and complaints.


How it works

The website wich is commonly an e-commerce, offers discounts on products for payments using its credit card, the request can be done in just 4 steps.


We made 6 interviews mixing clients who didn't knew the online store and others who already were customers, but didn't acquired the credit card.

The place was a room with an one-way mirror, I was observing and taking notes on an electronic sheet during each section.

During a task proposed by us they had to shop a product and pay using the credit card, that can be requested and aproved almost instantly. Some of them could have the request denied, we already knew it, but wanted to know how they react in that situation.


Pain Points

When the request is denied a generic message is sent for the customer.

Most of them don't know there's a bank who provide the credit card.

Some don't know how to unblock the credit card using the bank website, because the instructions are confusing.


Phone Interviews

At this point we had discovered a lot of information, but we still needed to explore how the customers were feeling and using the credit card after the acquisition, how they dealt with problems and who they think was the responsible of the financial administration, the store or the bank?


Finishing the Journey

Discussing how to organize better the informations we decided to group the information in big groups and make the distribution considering each step of the journey.

Discover: wants, store, request

Use: welcome kit, unblock, use, pay

Cancel: welcome kit, unblock, use, pay


Final Thoughts

The customers are interested in the credit card and are loyal users, but when the approach is different at each online or physical store, this let them confused and less confident.

We saw that the communication used on the website doesn't help the way it should, and the customer often try to solve the problems using the website, but find only more problems. So they tend to call, because even being the plan b, they know it works.